Mind Mapping Software

Anytime I create a new book, blog or curriculum, I use mind mapping software. It is the only way to organize in my opinion.

In my “Blogging for Fun,Leads,and Income” coaching program, I will be teaching my students how to use mind map software to put an order and a process to their blog ideas.

You can share your mind maps to collaborate with others. I also like to use them for training and promotional videos.

There are a ton of programs that do this on the market. I recommend that you find one that is web based. I have been using the web-based MindMeister.com since 2007. They have a free version that allows 3 mind maps. Even the most expensive package is less than $20 a month.

Running, Fishing, Blogging.. Profit from Any Hobby

My favorite question to ask someone is “If money did not matter, what would you be doing with your time?”

The reason I ask this is because I believe you can make money at anything your are passionate about and willing to talk about. Welcome to the power of blogging in 2012. You get to announce to the universe (search engines) each and every day something  on your topic. Your topic is the answer to my question, “what would you be doing with your time?”

Right now, I want you to write down 2-3 activities that you would do with your time. Remember, money is no object.

I will go first…

On this blog, I added the tab called Hobbies (about 90 days ago). For a long time, I traded a lot of time for a little bit of money and I had to make sacrifices. I gave up three things that I really enjoyed:



NBA Basketball

On July 13th 2012, I am launching my 6-week coaching program called “Blogging for Fun, Leads, and Income“. Yes, that’s right – along with helping my students launch their own blogs – I am launching three new ones on the above topics.

Anyone that knows me would add a 4th topic to my list and that would be Real Estate. For the sake of proving my point, that you can make money at anything – I chose 3 industries that I am not actively participating or making money in yet – besides, I already have 100 real estate blogs. Here is my initial blueprint for each of my new (industry) blogs:

Running: Why? In 1993 the fibula was removed my left leg (cancer). Long story-short, I want to run a marathon on a leg without a fibula. I turn 39 this summer – maybe this crazy goal is also part of my midlife crisis? I do enjoy running and it is healthy thing to do at my age. How to Monetize? 2 video blog posts per week on the topic of running. I am willing to sell advertising space on my blog and my body (no tattoos). Yes, I will be looking for sponsorship and the majority of my races will be in Texas. I noticed the Texas Beef Council has a program that will pay entrance fee for all my Texas races if I wear their T-shirt. Breaking even is always a good start to monetizing a hobby.

Fishing: Why? I just love it.  Fishing also brings back great childhood memories that I had on Cedar Creek lake. How to Monetize? Weekly 30-minute video talk show on Justin.TV that archives videos onto my fishing blog. Also, any footage that I can film while fishing will be great content for the blog. I will also partner with advertisers that sell fishing equipment – everything from lures to fishing boats.

NBA Basketball: Why? Call it living vicariously. I had dreams of being an NBA Basketball player. The whole genetics and physical coordination thing ended that goal. Now, I love watching the game – it is fast paced and I love my 3 Texas NBA teams and my newly adopted OKC Team (Kevin Durant is a transplant from University of Texas). How to Monetize? Hmm.. this is a tough one. I am not one of those ESPN addicts that can tell you random statistics of NBA players from their high school days.

I enjoy watching players that play with a lot of heart… Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, Derrick Fisher to name a few. Maybe I will tell their stories of struggle to triumph and relate it to a bigger audience (everyday people). I can monetize on clothing sales from an affiliate program with NBA store. I found an eBook on ClickBank that could also be a digital product that I sell.

I would also like to announce to the universe (Google alerts) that I am a big fan of “Mark Cuban” and would enjoy the opportunity to interview him on the blog. He is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a star on my favorite T.V. show called “Shark Tank”.

Mark, when your marketing team stumbles across this post from my strategically placed keywords/tags of “Mark Cuban” or “owner of Dallas Mavericks” I hope that they will forward this one to you. I am a long-time fan of the Dallas Mavericks going back to the mid-80’s. Your decision to banish Lamar earlier this year was a good one and I like the statement this made for the league.

Blog Coaching: This starts on July 13th, 2012. As you can see I practice what I preach. Here are 3 topics and industries that I am not in. By the end of the summer, I will be making money in all of them. You can do the same and I will show you how. I am only allowing 25 students to this 6-week group coaching on “Blogging for Fun, Leads, and Income“. <==learn more





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