Are Seminars Dead?

Are seminar dead? I am talking about the “drive somewhere, listen to speakers, and drive back to office” types of events. I can not speak to every industry but I will tell you what I am seeing in real estate.

Agents are notorious for being busy and the cell phone is your life line – that is why many of us refer to it as a “sell” phone. We have very short attention spans and are notorious for multitasking.

I attended a great seminar yesterday on the topic of branding. We had representatives from “non-real estate” industries such as marketing, microchips, vodka, and cheese burgers speak to a group of 150 real estate agents. (I will be posting my “take-away” from this event later this week).

This 1 hour seminar was a huge success and here is why..

  • The event was promoted starting 2 months ago.
  • The event was promoted to the right target audience (Realtors).
  • The delivery of topic matched the advertisement.
  • Each of the 5 speakers was limited to 10 minutes.
  • The speakers were credible on the topic.
  • Food was provided.
  • There was a drawing for a $1,000 notebook computer!

Now take away the food and the notebook computer, add 2 hours to the event and it could have been a very different outcome.

For every seminar that I go to that is a huge success, I also see 4 seminars that go horribly wrong. We do live in a different world today of “too busy”, “too far away”, and “I can learn it myself on the Internet…”

Over the next couple weeks, I will be teaching a new form of hosting a seminar which I expect to replace these traditional seminars. This is a seminar that does not require a computer drawing, free lunch or a training room. This is not a webinar although there are a couple of similarities. Stay tuned for our “future of seminars” discussion!


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