Zero-Overhead Business – Part II

Some may refer to selling advertising as selling out. Here is a factoid for you. Eventually, everyone clicks off of your website. Maybe they are clicking off your website so they can visit your storefront in person. Sometime they click off your website and never return. Either way, you should get paid on that next click.

Professional sports teams, movies, and radio shows plug advertising to offset the cost of running a business. For some reason, this concept is foreign to most small business owners.

Brainstorm on businesses that may compliment your business. For example, if you are a real estate agent you may list credit repair companies, mortgage companies, home insurance companies, and neighborhood utility companies. A small car dealer may have a blog that could display complimentary advertising space for tire companies, oil change services, and car accessories.

When you bring passion to your online content, you are getting the attention of the search engines. The traffic is visiting your site may not be interested in your primary offering. There are several companies that match advertisers with affiliates.

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