What is Your Superpower?

According to Wikipedia, a superpower is a popular culture term for a fictional superhuman ability.

I disagree with that definition. Superpowers are not fictional. I see superpowers every single day.

Three weeks ago, I met a superpower family. They are a team of 4 loan officers – it is the family business. On their road trip vacation from Dallas, Texas to Destin, Florida they closed a ton of loans. Everyone had a laptop computer open and the SUV became their mobile WIFI office.The ability to have laser focus, the discipline to “get it done” and also know when to stop and have fun is their superpower.

Last Friday, I met with friend from church. He wrote an eBook and created a family counseling system. He calls himself the Debt Doctor. He is a wise old man. His computer reminded me of my first computer in 1985 – It took 10 minutes to turn on. I was amazed at his technical accomplishments without formal training in Internet lead generation. The Debt Doctor is incredibly passionate on helping people and that is his superpower.

I like to partner with people that have superpowers. My superpower is finding ways to market their superpowers online. The Debt Doctor, is Thomas Clifford. We are collaborating on a blog delivery systems for his eBook and I am helping him build a membership website out of the blog.

So what is your superpower?

There is something that you likely do better than anyone else on the planet. Have you found a way to make a living with your superpower?

I am teaching a blogging class that starts on July 13th. I can help you monetize your superpowers. You can reach me at facebook.com/jpohly